Life turns on a dime

Life turns on a dime.

By: Sherry Luttrell

July 6, 2009. My husband and I were preparing for a big move. After many years of living a healthy and prosperous life, economy had just fallen & we took a huge financial hit (he is a home builder), and we were “down-scaling” in order to make it through the next few years. No problem, starting over didn’t scare us. We’re both strong, smart and healthy.

The week prior to this, my 46 year old husband found himself visiting the urgent care unit (where my son-in-law is a provider). He had pain in his abdomen and difficulty urinating. Upon a DRE, my son-in-law found the tumor and ordered a PSA test. Results: PSA 350.

Fast forward two weeks: PSA now 431 with a  biopsy report of stage IV prostate cancer, Gleason score 9, with mirco-mets [microscopic metastases]. Untreatable and inoperable, he was given about 9-18 months to live, maybe 24 months with hormone treatment.

He became hormone refractory after only 9 months on Lupron. This summer, he was one of 7 men on a clinical trial (TOK-001), but after 6 months, it became too toxic to his system so he was removed. And here we are at month 16!

Our life turned on a dime. Over these last 16 months, our children have come home to be with us; our families have gathered around us and have given us wonderful reasons to face each day.

Our lives are no longer filled with the busy-ness of making money, but of living richly in the love of our family and learning how to live above all that cancer can do a family.  So here we are learning to live a content life (and loving it)- we are grateful for each day and framing each moment.