Share your video story #InspireHER

Do you want to share your story with the world? Ladies, tell us about your loved one’s journey with prostate cancer and how it has impacted you and your family.  Men, if you’ve had prostate cancer or if a loved one or friend has we would love to hear your story too.

We will use the submitted videos to compile an awareness video or may use your video as a stand alone to share with others as inspiration on our YouTube channel and the WAPC website.

How To:  Use your webcam or have a friend or family member record you. (If your phone, iPad, or other device can record high quality video that’s fine too.) Give a heartfelt recollection of your fight with prostate cancer and explain how it has impacted you and/or your family. If you don’t know where to start use the questions below as a guide.

Video Question Guide:


  1. State your name, and location (optional)
  2. State who in your life has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and state your relationship to them.
  3. How has prostate cancer affected your family?
  4. What treatment method did your loved one chose?
  5. What are you doing to support your loved one?
  6. How do you feel about men and their dedication to their health and getting screenings?
  7. Has a man you know over the age of 40 refused to get a prostate cancer screening? Why was that?
  8. How important do you think it is for women to have support systems when facing a loved one’s prostate cancer diagnosis?
  9. What advice or words of hope and comfort would you give a woman today who has a husband, son, brother, father, etc with prostate cancer?


  1. State your name ,age, location and how old you were when diagnosed (optional)
  2. Tell us how prostate cancer has impacted you and your family.
  3. At what stage was your cancer detected?
  4. Were you diagnosed following routine prostate cancer screening?
  5. What treatment path did you choose?
  6. What stage are you in with your treatment process? (ex) Have you just started treatment? If not when do you expect too? Finished?
  7. What has changed in your life since being diagnosed?
  8. Who or what has been your biggest inspiration or support system through your fight against prostate cancer?
  9. How has having prostate cancer impacted your relationships?
  10. Describe the importance for men to get screened and yearly check-ups for prostate cancer after age 40.
  11. How do you feel now in regards to your health?
  12. Share some inspiring words to those who are still fighting prostate cancer or any man who feels like he is at risk.

Video Instructions:

On Computer

  1. If your video is short, you will be able to save it to your hard-drive and email it to us at as an attachment. Simply upload the video as an attachment to your email from your computer. Depending on how big your video file is, this may take a while to upload.
  2. If your video is too big to send through email as an attachment, you can upload your video to a “video host” like YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo. YouTube requires that you have an account with them. If you do, you can easily upload the video and mark it as unlisted or private so that it is not viewable by the general public. After the video is uploaded, just copy and paste the link or embed the link code into an email and send to
  3. Have skype or OOvoo? If you have a webcam and use these sites they also make it easy for you to upload and attach large video files.
  4. Use (free service),, or any other server that allows for large file submissions. Depending on how big your file is, these websites allow you to upload large video files by compressing them and then allows you to send easily through email with link.
  5. If you have your own webpage, simply click on ‘send new video message’.  Record your video, enter and click send.

On Phone, iPad, or other device

  1. For most smart phones with good camera quality, the process of video submission is very easy. Review the tips below before shooting video on your phone. After reviewing; record your video, save it to you phone or sim, and email it to by uploading the video from your media files on your phone.

Tips for best video:

  • Hold the camera steady or place camera on a steady surface so the footage isn’t shaky.
  • MIC CHECK! Make sure the sound is activated and your voice can be heard clearly.
  • Be sure that there is no outside or background sound that the camera will accidently pick up.
  • Remember if you are using your phone, the camera quality isn’t as good as a high quality camera, so you may have to make adjustments.
  • Be sure to adjust the screen settings to compliment the light. (ex) If you are outside and its bright there is no need for flash. Make sure to white balance if your digital camera doesn’t do it automatically.
  • Do tests shots before the actual video so you can adjust the settings beforehand.
  • Be aware of your background shot. (ex) in front of a pile of dirty dishes or clothes probably isn’t the best shot.

Camera shy? If you don’t want to do a video or be on camera, send us a story! Write out your story and battle with cancer and send it to You can also record your voice or a loved one’s voice telling your story for you.

Have a question or having technical difficulties with sending your video? Contact Imani Lester at