More Stories of Inspiration

More stories of hope, inspiration and love.

Meet Lisa Brandel
On January 14th, I looked into my husband’s bright blue eyes and vowed, “In sickness, and in health, until death do we part.”  For many women who repeat that vow, it is an abstract distant concept.  For me, it was an already present, vivid reality.  Just days prior to the wedding, we had our first couples visit with his oncologist, and another injection of Zoladex to shut down his testosterone in hopes it would keep his cancer in check for a little while longer. [Click here to read full story]

Meet Sherrie Ellenburg
When Kenny was first diagnosed on November 24, 2003, I felt as if my whole world stopped at that moment. I could hardly see for the tears building inside me. But I didn’t want to fall apart. I wanted to be strong for my husband. As the doctor began to explain his diagnosis and possible options, I could see our dreams disappearing before our eyes. [Click here to read full story]

Meet Dana Kababik
If it weren’t for PSA testing, we never would have known my husband had prostate cancer.  Like most men, he didn’t have any symptoms.  It was an incidental urinary infection that led to his diagnosis at the young age of 49. [Click here to read full story]

Meet Kathy Meade
Anyone who knows me understands that I am not afraid of digging for research in order to make informed decisions; I don’t make those decisions without questioning all of the alternatives; and I have a dogged sense of purpose when my loved ones are at risk. In 1996, when my husband, Bill, was diagnosed with prostate cancer, the fighter in me took over. [Click here to read full story]

Meet Gail Puffer
When Gail Puffer’s husband, John, was diagnosed at age 51 with prostate cancer in December, 2006, she had no idea how great an impact the disease would have on their everyday lives and relationship. A born fighter, she embraced all of the literature she could get her hands on so that she and John could understand what was happening to them and what their options might be. [Click here to read full story]

Meet Mari Small
Wedding plans and cancer treatments —two things that generally don’t go together.  In our case, however, planning for both went hand in hand. Five months after my husband Rich proposed, he found out the prostate cancer he was treated for 9 years before we met — was back. [Click here to read full story]