Chris's Story

By: Chris Burrell

My hubby Tony Burrell was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer at 48. His PSA was 21 at the time of his prostatectomy and Gleason 8-9. After his prostatectomy, we found out it was in his lymph nodes and seminal vessels so he completed 13 weeks of radiation.

He is the strongest man I know. He continued to train and completed a duathlon 12 weeks into radiation. He is on Lupron for now, and he continues to ride his bike and run. We have changed our eating habits and lifestyle to fight this as long as possible.

His goal is to see BOTH his girls graduate and walk them down the aisle. We pray for new medicines to help prostate cancer patients’ live a quality life as long as possible. I am the wife of the most amazing man I know! Thank you for all you do to promote awareness of PC.