Hit by a Truck Yes - Cancer No

Hit by a Truck Yes – Cancer No

By: Amy Harman

My husband Bob Magyar has been gone for almost a year now. He passed away on November 17, 2009. Just a year and a half after being diagnosed with stage 4 advanced prostate cancer with a PSA of 750 at diagnosis.  When I say hit by a truck being believable, but cancer no – this was a man that was always on the go, competing in ultramarathon cycling events, walking half marathons and kayaking in far off places. It was unbelievable to us that he would have cancer and for it to be so advanced before being caught – no family history.  Just a few short months after his 50th birthday, which we spent kayaking in Baja on our own, not with a tour, found him with a cold he couldn’t shake and some aches and pains.  He just felt very run down and was busy working when the aches and fatigue didn’t go away. By July he scheduled a doctor appointment that brought us the whole story.  It was so hard to believe – because the cancer was so progressed and every case is different we just didn’t know how much time we had left.

The offer for the house was taken off the table and we dug in for what ever would happen, trying to be hopeful for the future, that he would respond well to treatment and that he could cross across the river on stepping stones.  Hormone Therapy was started and he felt better. We made it through the winter and after a cruise to celebrate my parents’ 50th anniversary we received word that it was on to the next step – we did chemo and a clinical trial. He was almost enrolled in another clinical trial, but the cancer began to compromise other organs including his plural cavities in his lungs.

To see someone who was so big and strong go down to a former shadow of themselves is the hardest thing. I’m rebuilding without him, kayaking and will be back biking in the spring – but miss him so