Share Your Prostate Cancer Story

As a wife, partner, daughter or family member of someone who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer you have a unique perspective and story to share. With a disease like prostate cancer the treatment options are numerous and the outcomes, side effects, and learnings are diverse. A prostate cancer diagnosis can create a lasting impact on a family or relationship.

Do you want to share your story with the world? Ladies, tell us about your loved one’s journey with prostate cancer and how it has impacted you and your family.  Men, if you’ve had prostate cancer or if a loved one or friend has we would love to hear your story too.

We will use the submitted videos to compile an awareness video or may use your video as a stand alone to share with others as inspiration on our YouTube channel and the WAPC website.

Ready to share your story via video? Click here for instructions and sample questions to get you started!

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Meet Anne-Meike de Wiljes

I always smile and am always happy because what else should I do? Crying helps to relieve some pressure but the pain is always there. I don’t want people to be shocked or upset if I tell them how I truly feel because I’d rather see them happy.

I get this positive attitude from my dad, Peter-Michael. He died of prostate cancer on July 25th, the day before my mum’s birthday, a week before their 26th wedding anniversary, a month before the beginning of my senior year, and almost 10 years after his diagnosis. [Click here to read full story]

Meet Betty Gallo

When her husband, Dean, died of prostate cancer in 1994, Gallo wanted to do “something, anything” to help others with the disease. So she carved out a new, and very rewarding, role for herself as prostate cancer advocate. [Click here to read full story]

Meet Amy Harman

Hit by a Truck Yes – Cancer No. My husband Bob Magyar has been gone for almost a year now. When I say hit by a truck being believable, but cancer no – this was a man that was always on the go, competing in ultramarathon cycling events, walking half marathons and kayaking in far off places. It was unbelievable to us that he would have cancer and for it to be so advanced before being caught – no family history. [Click here to read full story]

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