Take Action with Prostate Cancer Awareness

Take action and let your members of Congress and other key policymakers know how important prostate cancer is to you, your partner, and your family.

Even if you have only a few minutes, Women Against Prostate Cancer will empower you to become an effective advocate for prostate cancer issues.  We will provide the training, tools, and opportunities you need to ensure your voice is heard!

Being an advocate enables you to get involved with a minimal time commitment.  Sign up to receive email action alerts:

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You will be notified when we have an urgent need for you to email or call your Member of Congress or state legislator.   We also encourage you to visit www.womenagainstprostatecancer.org on a regular basis to check out the latest news on some of our active campaigns and other initiatives.

Overall policy issues of interest for Women Against Prostate Cancer:

  • Advocating for funding for programs that support prostate cancer caregivers
  • Increased funding for prostate cancer research and prevention and control programs.
  • Access to prostate cancer testing as a part of Healthcare Reform
  • Support of September’s Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
  • Support of June’s Men’s Health Month

Women Against Prostate Cancer’s current advocacy priorities are:

  • Passage of a Bill to create an Office of Men’s Health within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS); this Office will mirror the fine work of the Office on Women’s Health.  You can learn more about how this will impact prostate cancer and take action at: http://menshealthpolicy.com/OMH/index.html
  • Passage of a Congressional resolution that there is a prostate cancer epidemic among the African American community, and that appropriate research and educational initiatives are needed to combat this epidemic
  • Passage of the Thomas J. Manton Early Detection and Treatment Act, which is focused on the provision of funds to support the early detection and appropriate treatment of clinically significant prostate cancer in underprivileged and underserved communities.

You may be asking yourself, what else can I do within my home, community, or circle of friends?  Well, consider some of the following activities:

Meeting Elected Officials and Candidates in Public Settings

Communicate the WAPC “message” in Your Local Community

Contact Congress at 202-224-3121, if you don’t know who your representatives are, give the operator your zip and they will connect you to the appropriate office.  Call your legislators today to let them know prostate cancer is a national priority!  To find out whom your representatives are visit: http://www.votesmart.org

To view the 2010 US Senate Work Calendar click here.

To view the 2010 US House of Representatives Work Calendar click here.

WAPC is the women’s voice for prostate cancer issues on the national and local level.