Steering Committee

These women decided to Take Action by helping to launch Women Against Prostate Cancer.

Betty Gallo

Betty Gallo decided to Take Action following the death of her husband, Congressman Dean Gallo. She got busy and created The Dean and Betty Gallo Prostate Cancer Center, named for Congressman Dean A. Gallo, a respected and beloved man who served the people of New Jersey at the local, state, and federal levels, and who lost his life to prostate cancer in 1994 at the age of 58.

Congressman Gallo’s wife, Betty, worked to establish the Center so that other men, and the families who love them, can live longer, healthier lives. “My goal is to help prevent others from suffering the way Dean did, by advocating the importance of early detection, awareness, and education,” Betty declares.

Barbara A. Crosby, MPA, BSN, RNBC

Barbara A. Crosby is a retired health educator who taught in the Baltimore City LPN Program as well as in various community colleges throughout the city.  Besides teaching, Barbara specializes in mental health and is certified as a Generalist in this field. She also holds a certificate as a legal nursing consultant.  Her love of teaching and working with people has allowed her the opportunity to be an advocate in the community and within different organizations. Her experience in the health field spans back to the early sixties when she first began her career working with mentally challenged individuals.  The Governor of Maryland has appointed her to several committees some of which she is still very active in at this time.  On September 11, 2003, Barbara went to New Orleans where she served as a disaster nurse.  After returning home, she was commissioned as a First Lieutenant in the Volunteer Medic Unit.  She is a people person and enjoys speaking on various health issues.  Barbara’s numerous leadership roles, have presented valuable opportunities for growth and learning.

Sherrie Ellenburg

Sherrie began advocating for prostate cancer patients and their families after her husband’s death on August 3, 2005. During his sickness, he was an inspiration to her. He was the love of her life and she knew that she needed to do more to honor his memory.

He often told her that he didn’t know why he had to face losing her so soon after finding her.  But one thing always stuck in Sherrie’s mind. He said that he felt that if just ONE man was helped by his experiences it was worth it all.  After his diagnosis, he spent the rest of his short life talking to the men he loved about prostate cancer.  He shared his experiences in hopes they would not have to go through what he did.

After his death, Sherrie was inspired to continue the work he started. That is why she has such passion for the work she does.  Because of her experiences as a wife and caregiver she believes she can contribute a lot to the committee.  She feels her voice is what is needed.  We are trying to reach the women in America that are affected by Prostate Cancer.  Who better to know what they need than a wife who has lived it?

Sherrie works with the Awareness and Patient/Caregiver Support for the Prostate Cancer Coalition of North Carolina and is a chapter leader for the Us TOO Kenny Ellenburg PCa Support Group of Stanly County.

Theresa Morrow

Theresa co-founded Women Against Prostate Cancer out of her passion to help frustrated women who didn’t know where to turn for additional support and resources on prostate cancer.

Specializing in marketing, event planning and social media Theresa focuses her efforts on spreading the word about WAPC.

Theresa graduated with distinguished Honor’s and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing and International Business from the University of Cincinnati.  She has also held marketing positions at American Cancer Society and OPW Fueling Components in Cincinnati, Ohio.  A native of Ohio, she currently resides in Alexandria, VA with her husband Ed and beloved hound, Dasher.

Erlinda Patterson

Erlinda Patterson is the Health Education Assistant of the Kaiser Permanente Prostate Cancer Program and a Bilingual Diversity Trainer at Kaiser Permanente.  In her position she is responsible for coordinating and facilitating prostate cancer meetings for Kaiser members and the community while also preparing educational materials for newly diagnosed patients and their families.  Additionally, she trains providers and staff on the National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Service in Health Care on behalf of the Education Department.

Before joining Kaiser Permanente, Erlinda worked as an ER and Burn Room Tech at the San Bernardino County Hospital in San Bernardino, California. In addition to her work experience she volunteers with a number of local organizations.  She is a Legislative Ambassador for the American Cancer Society, a member of the California Prostate Cancer Coalition, and she is the past Vice President of the American Legion Women’s Auxiliary Toastmaster 4064, just to name a few.  Erlinda has received multiple awards from several local and national political offices for her work in Advocacy of Cancer Education Awareness Program and community service.  She is an effective leader and brings great skills to the WAPC group.

Alicia Saunders, PhD

Dr. Alicia B. Saunders, a leading authority on sexual issues, provides counseling and personal coaching to individuals and groups. Dissatisfied with your sex life? Trouble communicating with your partner? Overwhelmed by stress and anxiety? Contact Dr.Saunders! Some of her specialties include relationship issues, career development, and stress management. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor by the Board of Marriage and Family Therapy of the State of NJ, and is a Board Certified Sex Therapist and Clinical Sexologist. Dr. Saunders appeared on ABC’s “The View” and was interviewed by Barbara Walters on “Sexual Healing”.

She is currently on the Board of the Prostate Center at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey, as well as on the Allied Health staff of Overlook Hospital. She has counseled individuals and couples for over 20 years, and has done nationwide research on sexual satisfaction.

Some of her other interests include adjunct teaching and lecturing, as well as supervision, and have included Fairleigh Dickinson University, Princeton University, and Montclair State University. She has also appeared on many radio and television programs.”

Sophia Tolliver

Sophia O. Tolliver is the Program Manager for The Diversity Enhancement Program at The James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute in Columbus, Ohio. In this position she helps to provide outreach through education and training to underserved and minority populations about cancer prevention, early detection and treatment, with an emphasis on increasing the minority participation rates in clinical trials and research. She is also a second-year Master’s candidate in the College of Public Health at The Ohio State University with interests in cancer-related Health Behavior/Health Promotion and Epidemiology. Sophia is also an active member of the Central Ohio Men Against Prostate Cancer (COMAPC) marketing committee, helping to create and implement tools to promote fundraising events. In regards to prostate cancer, she believes that spouses, partners, and daughters everywhere have an important role to play in encouraging the men in their lives to remain healthy.

Judy Seals-Togbo

Judy Seals-Togbo, Director of Men’s Heatlh Network’s Memphis Tennessee office. The founder of the first Men’s Health Network Support Group, a founding broad member for Urban Health Education Supporter Services (UHESS). Her efforts include providing health education for the underserved men of the Mid-South area and outreach services. She is a facilitator for UsToo, Carin’ & Sharin’ Breast Cancer Support Group and a Koman Grant recipient.