5 Tips for Women on How to Encourage Men to be Healthier

Written by: Imani Lester
  • Make it easier. You are his biggest support system. Help him by researching treatment options, health facilities that make him feel comfortable, and LISTEN to his needs.
  • Observe what activities make him happy and do them together. Make it fun! Being healthy does not have to be painful or hard. Look for fun ways to build exercise into your routine, or cook a healthy meal together. Be sure to go with his energy, and stay away from forcing activities when he’s not in a great mood.
  • Attend doctor’s appointments and ask questions! Be sure to not be overbearing. Sometimes playing that role can actually make his communication with you worse and overwhelm you both. Remember nagging = resistance.
  • Lead by example! Women have a HUGE influence over the healthcare decisions of their spouse. When you get your annual physical, make sure he gets his too, even if that means making the appointment for him.
  • Men are competitive at heart. Make it a game and celebrate small and large victories together.  Did he choose salad instead of steak? Make his physical appointment without you nagging him? Praise him, and show him the benefits. It’s more likely he will do it again

Visible cues and hints that women should be aware of or keep an eye out for:

Prostate cancer often comes with little to no symptoms however, some men experience:

  1. Urination problems
  2. Blood in urine or semen
  3. Difficulty with erections
  4. Painful ejaculations
  5. Back or hip pain

These are symptoms to look out for but remember PCa often comes with none. The best thing to do is to observe and ask questions.  It is also necessary to encourage him to pay attention to his own body. Make sure he asks questions if something seems off and to follows up with his physician.  Encourage him to speak with his doctor on getting his screenings on an annual basis.

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  1. My husband Charles was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 2007 .We was confused, scared and overwhelmed during this time. A good friend gave us money to get a hotel for the weekend. We turned off our cell phones packed a bag and headed to Atlanta, Georgia.During this weekend of rest and renewal we took the time to talk, pray and reflect on the tough decisions we had a head of us.

    Charles has been cancer free for the past six years . In August of 2012 Charles and I started a break from cancer. It is our desire to sponsor community events to help raise funds to purchase a weekend getaway for a different family every six months .With any extra funds we will purchase Gift Cards for couples that are currently undergoing treatment for cancer, or living with the fear of the cancer returning.

    A break from cancer is in the process of filing all of the paperwork necessary to become a government-recognized Non-Profit Org. Until everything has been processed and approved it is my understanding that monetary donations cannot be classified as tax deductible. Please consult your tax professional

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