PCAP Makes Detection Easier with Technology!

The Prostate Cancer Awareness Project (PCAP) is a non-profit charity group based in Manhattan Beach, CA. They work to create prostate cancer awareness events, free screening programs and the innovative “Visual Prostate Cancer Detection System.” A visual way for men to track their prostate and PSA levels over time.

There are an estimated 30,000 American men that will die from prostate cancer this year alone. Many deaths will be because these men did not know they had prostate cancer in time to seek and receive effective treatment for the disease. PCAP recognized this epidemic as a problem and decided to make it easier for men to conduct their own detection system.

This free internet service has the potential to save lives by visually showing changes in a man’s PSA test each year, and automatically reminding them when their next test is due. The Prostate Cancer tracker is 100% free and anonymous.  Women can even get involved by creating accounts and tracking the PSA information of their men. All they need is the PSA value!

Utilize this simple system by clicking here http://prostatetracker.org/   and tracking yours today!




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