June is Men’s Health Month

Today marks the first day of Men’s Health Month. Each June organizations, individuals, workplaces, communities, government agencies and places of worship come together to raise awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men, boys, and their families.

Awareness periods like this help end the silence surrounding men’s health and make it OK for men and boys to talk and take action about their health, including engaging in discussions about prostate cancer. Doing something as simple as hanging a poster in your workplace, posting a reminder on your Facebook page, or gently prodding your friends to get in for a check up can make a world of difference.

We face an often-overlooked health crisis in the US where, on average. men live 5 years less than their female counterparts. Men too often miss out on important family milestones and may not have the opportunity to get to know their grandchildren. In addition, many women face poverty once their husbands pass away. The US Administration on Aging has found that over one-half of elderly widows now living in poverty were not poor before the deaths of their husbands.

“Especially in the light of such issues as the recent USPSTF recommendation against the use of PSA in the detection of prostate cancer, we must unite with others to educate men and bring them reliable information and resources,” states Scott Williams, Vice President for Men’s Health Network.

To learn more about Men’s Health Month and to access resources like posters, flyers, and health statistics visit www.menshealthmonth.org.

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