A Woman’s Guide to Prostate Cancer Treatment

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is stressful enough – sorting through treatment options and seeking a second or third opinion can be overwhelming for the prostate cancer patient and loved ones.

That is why Women Against Prostate Cancer has developed the booklet, A Woman’s Guide to Prostate Cancer Treatment: Supporting the Man in Your Life, to educate you and your family about the variety of prostate cancer treatments that are available and some of the key factors that will come into play when choosing a treatment path.

Download a free copy of A Woman’s Guide to Prostate Cancer Treatment: Supporting the Man in Your Life here.


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  1. jtkmom3 says:

    Here are three things i’ve learned during the process.
    1. earlier treatment, better recovery
    2. The more you know, the better the recovery
    3. Seeing a specialist before surgery can improve chances of a return to presurgery sexual activity
    4. There is a finite period following surgery in which to prevent long lasting ED.

    there is an MD in NY metro area who specializes in this protocol. the website is listed above. He has had a good amount of success with this, including my other half..good luck

    • Vicki says:

      We are just begining this process. How did you and your husband decide on surgery verses the options out there? Did you look into proton therapy?

  2. Debbie says:

    My husband chose proton therapy. He was one of the tiny fraction who did not sail through treatment with no side effects. We were treated at U. of Florida Proton Center in Jacksonville (yes, “we”)and I can only say good things about the care we were given. One month post treatment he has fully recovered all urinary and erectile function, he has energy (bikes 30 miles at a time), and feels completely normal. His personal prostate size and shape that caused his side effects would have made any other treatment very difficult and would have led to awful outcomes. Would we choose proton again? Absolutely! Ask me any questions.

  3. TL says:

    I think many women need to be better prepared for the sexual challenges that follow prostate surgery. It can be difficult dealing with sexual incontinence.

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