Women Share Their Stories of Hope, Love & Loss with Prostate Cancer

Here at Women Against Prostate Cancer we love the men in our lives and want to do all we can to spread the word about prostate cancer and the devastating effects that it has on men and their families.

And we know that every wife, partner, daughter, mother, friend, or family member of someone who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer has a unique perspective and story to share. With a disease like prostate cancer the treatment options are numerous and the outcomes, side effects, and learnings are diverse. A prostate cancer diagnosis can create a lasting impact on a family and on our relationships.

With that in mind we are launching a new online portal allowing the women impacted by prostate cancer to share their story, struggles, and messages of hope with others.

Stories are powerful and one woman’s words can inspire another to get her father into the doctor to discuss early detection or encourage another to work with her husband to make an informed treatment decision.

Many women have already taken the step to share their stories. And if you’re ready to share your story, you can submit it here.

Download our latest public service announcement here.


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  1. Laura says:

    I’m seeking other women in their 40’s who may be the wives of men who are currently dealing with prostate cancer. I’m located in Boston, Ma and it would be great to connect with people in the same age group.

    • admin says:

      Hi Laura – Unfortunately, we don’t have a chapter established in your area. You may try connecting with other women through a local Us TOO Chapter. Also you might seek some online support through our Facebook or through a social network like – http://prostatecancerinfolink.ning.com/ – If there are specific resources or questions you are looking to answer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    • Laurie says:

      Hi Laura
      I am 45 and i live in Leominster, mass.
      My boyfriend had his prostate removed in May.
      I am looking for other women to talk to about it!

      • sherri says:

        Hi Laurie,

        I’m 38 and my boyfriend is the same age when when had his prostate removed. I’m looking for a support group as well. we were talking marriage before he was diagnosed.

    • jeannine says:

      i am a 40 yr.old woman married 2 a younger man &we found out last summer my husband has prostate cancer unfortunately hes incarsarated&isnt receiving proper treatment7the cancer has spread 2 his colon we are in indiana7if sum1 could help me this is so overwhelming with support group information i would be so greatful7please know i pray for all who are dealing with this disease as well!

    • honor Murphy says:

      Laura, My husband and I are age 46. He is recovering from a prostatectomy 4 weeks ago. We have been married 23 years and have 7 kids ages (all ages) LOL!!!! I would be interested in conversing with women my age going through this with their husbands. feel free to face book me

      Honor Murphy, Melbourne Beach FL

      My sister sand family live in Boston area. and I do get up there once a year.

    • Chris Burrell says:

      I am 39 and my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer a year and a half ago. He was 48 at the time We just celebrated his 50th birthday and each one is a gift. He has had a prostectomy where we found his cancer had invaded his lymph nodes and seminal vesicles, he did radiation and now is doing hormone therapy. Like you it has been difficult finding people my age who are going through the same thing. I would love to stay in touch.

  2. Kim says:

    Looking for a support group in the Hershey/Harrisburg area of Pennsylvania. My Father was just diagnosed and I am having a very hard time accepting it. I am an only child and I am trying to be strong for both my parents and my son and have no one to be strong for me. Would be most helpful to find a group to vent to and relate with. Thanks so very much.

    • Debbie says:

      We’re in State College, not too far from you. There is no women’s support group here, but my husband was diagnosed a year ago, researched until April then was treated May-July. He is fine now. I’d be happy to talk to you and share what I’ve learned in a most amazing year. Call me at 814-237-0979.

    • Lisa says:

      I am also in State College. My dad was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of PC over 6 years ago and went through a wide range of treatments in the Pittsburgh Area. He passed away this April. I’ve been through just about every loop of the roller-coaster you’ll be facing. I’d be open to trading emails if that would help.
      All the best to you.

  3. Eileen says:

    In surfing the web I found your Organiztion! We are two years post surgery,cancer free, but still struggling with the psychosocial issues. We’ve attended several support groups in our area for couples but have found them minimaly helpful. I am curious to find out if there is a chapter of your organiztion in Charlotte,NC?

  4. admin says:

    All of our current chapter information can be found at http://www.womenagainstprostatecancer.org/about-wapc-prostate-cancer-support-association/state-chapters/ if you are interested in starting a chapter you can contact us at info@womenagainstprostatecancer.org

  5. sherri says:

    I am looking for a support group in the Atlanta area. I am 38 and my boyfriend had his prostate removed last year. I;m looking for other women to discuss. possibly some men to help me to help him. thanks

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