RibbonTones: Raise Awareness Through Your Cell Phone

We all know the statistics, over 192,000 men will get prostate cancer this year alone in the US and more than 29,000 of our brothers, sons, husbands and friends will lose their life to this disease.

Join Women Against Prostate Cancer in a new effort to raise awareness of the disease. It’s inexpensive, doesn’t take much time and will provide a new platform for you to talk about the impact of prostate cancer on the men we love.

Learn more here and Download a RibbonTone for your cell phone today!

What is a RibbonTone you ask? RibbonTones are cell phone ring tones designed to raise funds for awareness ribbon causes such as prostate cancer. Each cause has its own awareness ribbon, and now a distinct RibbonTone for each. 80% of the net proceeds go directly to Women Against Prostate Cancer. When you download a RibbonTone, you are helping to create awareness and to raise funds for the work of our organization.

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  1. john mchugh says:

    I’ll do it. What a wonderful idea. I appreciate all you do and particularly the female angel to prostate cancer. In my journey I cannot begin to tell you how important the ” partner ” is and was to me. In a funny and odd way, I miss the relationship I shared with my wife during the trial and tribualtions of the diagnosis, treatment and aftermath. jm

  2. admin says:

    Thanks John! We’re so excited to have passionate fans like you. Tell your wife we’d love to have involved in the cause as well.

  3. Linda says:

    How do I get the ribbon tone? My husband is almost 3 years of being a survivor!


    • admin says:

      Unfortunately RibbonTones are no longer available. Love the work you are doing to promote prostate cancer awareness.

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